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Organic Winery Jeannette Eger

DE-ÖKO-022 | Deutsche Landwirtschaft

The Winery

The climate is, as well as the, in the Tertiary out of a primordial ocean developed limy clay, responsible for the special and typical aromes in the wines. They reflect their style depending vinyard site, variety and terroir.

The vineyards are, according to strict organic guidelines, cultivated without the use of insecticides or herbicides, and special care is paid to the tillage of the soil. Various forage legumes are planted between the vineyard rows to ensure a strong root environment, create a habitat for beneficial organisms and produce organic nutrients for the vine. Careful management of the leaf structure allows good ventilation of the vines to naturally keep them free of fungi.

During the grapes’ maturation and harvesting, a thorough selection is made to ensure that only the best grapes enter the cellar. The remaining grapes are pressed and racked. Then the must is allowed to begin fermenting in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. After about two weeks, the initial fermentation has ended and the wine is left to mature on fine lees to fully realize its complex structure, depth and potential. It is left to ripen until late summer of the following year, when it is bottled.

The Wines

Download the latest version of our wine list here.
Riesling Goldberg trocken

Complex aromas of apple, peach and grapefruit with hints of passion fruit. Also varied nuances of herbs and a bit of honey on the palate. The mineral flavors of this elegant Riesling are in good balance with the crisp acidity.

-12.0 % vol. Alc.
-5.7 g/l residual sugar
-7.8 g/l tartaric acid

Riesling feinherb

Fresh aromas of citrus fruits, apple and passion fruit are dominating this Riesling Feinherb. It is a light summer wine, also modest in alcohol. The decent sweetness balances the crisp acidity.

-11,0 % vol. Alc.
-13,4 g/l residual sugar
-7,2 g/l tartaric acid

Riesling Goldberg ACACIA

coming soon

Riesling Goldberg OAK

coming soon


Presentation of the international organic wine award MUNDUS VINI at the BioFach by the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Agriculture and Viniculture Ulrike Höfken.

Photo: Meininger Verlag

Presentation of the international organic wine award MUNDUS VINI BioFach 2015. Silver medal for 2013 Riesling Goldberg.

Photo: NürnbergMesse

Jeannette Eger.

  • 2002 Abitur, then internships in German wineries
  • 2003-2007 study at the FH Geisenheim
  • 2006 internship in Sonoma Valley California
  • 2008 internship in New Zealand
  • 2008 Foundation of the organic estate Jeannette Eger
  • 2009 internship in South Africa
  • 2011 first certified organic wine single layers Riesling Goldberg
  • Since 2013 cooperation with Bonhomie Wine Imports USA
  • Since 2017 cooperation with Spur Imports Canada
Jeannette Eger

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